Sunday, January 07, 2007

As we stand on the threshold of the year of our Lord 2007, may we go forward in His power each and every day. Every day is the Lord's day and we all at work as His workers doing His kingdom work where ever we are planted. This Haitian nativity scene reminds us once again that our eyes need to be on Jesus. That is our focus and our hand need to be in His hand. May we all go forward being led by His Spirit, today and always.

Living for Jesus in all that you do whether in California on the farm or teaching at Hanford Christian School. (Dave Persenaire) Here our daughter Jan is showing the milk tanks of the dairy farm where she works. Impressive! It was good to see family during the holiday season, but it gives parents no greater joy to see their children living for the Lord. While there, I heard a former student of mine preach. I taught Rev. Sikkema geography in my first year of teaching in 1970 and now he is Jan and Dave's pastor:-)

Sharing our experiences with our daughter Sue, her husband Mark Dieleman and two of our grandchildren Liam 3 and Camryn 15 months. Here Tony is showing our pictures from Haiti. This way, our children can support our ministry through daily prayers and understand our daily living for Jesus in Haiti.

Children are never too young to hear His Word - Bible reading during lunch time to Liam and Camryn. This is PrimeTime:-) It is of great importance to talk to the Lord at scheduled times/anytime and read His Word daily. We continue to walk and work in His presence always. We need to 'see' Jesus in the daily tasks we do because we are all His stewards working in His vineyard. We are His gardeners yielding produce for His praise and glory. Pray that our little ones choose to serve Him always.

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