Saturday, March 03, 2007

Each Saturday we walk to the Agape Flight mail services office, which is about a five minute walk from the school compound. We check our mail weekly and we also need to serve as volunteers in the building periodically as members of this service. Our mailing address is in Florida and then this mail service brings it to Haiti via a small airplane. This picture and the next two show what we experience on our walk. This manhole has the covering missing. I always yell 'hole', when we get near it. Sometimes the hole is filed right up with garbage and other times it is 7 or 8 feet deep. It is close to the Agape mail service building. It would be tragic if we fell into it by accident.

I'm the guy on the left with the shopping bag walking with a few groceries from the 'Eagle' supermarket. This supermarket is a few minutes up the hill past the Agape office. The wall is an enclosure of the supermarket. Most buildings here have an enclosure with a metal gate for an entry way. In the distance you can see the garbage building up. There are no public garbage disposal areas, so the people just pile the garbage on the sidewalks wherever they want or along the side of the road. Then, periodically, the garbage truck comes along and cleans up the garbage, until the next time. If you throw garbage down, many others will add to it, wherever the pile begins!
This is just another garbage pile which is on the other side of the wall of the school compound where we live. In about a week's time, (or two) the garbage truck will come along and scoop it all away and then the process will start all over again. The sign in the background says "Don't throw trash here". Many of the people here can't read or write, so they have no idea what the sign says. They just see the garbage and add to it!

This week we bought some paint. Mary is my interior decorator and also my painter, since painting is not my cup of tea. Yes, the kitchen will be painted a pale yellow colour. It is also our living room. Above the door you can see the many strands of wheat tied together. We are reminded daily of the many people supporting us through prayer, emails and letters. We received this bundle of straw from Ivan DeJong of Port Perry. Ivan used the concept of many strands of straw in a children's message. A bundle is much stronger than a single piece of straw. This idea represented the people in Port Perry church. Many people from Hope church in Port Perry are supporting us and praying for us. We thank God daily for all His blessings.

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