Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Valerie and Norm arrived and found a familiar face among the crowd. It isn't very difficult to find a 'blanc' among the many Haitians at the airport. We praise God that we did have our car by the time Norm and Valerie arrived in Haiti. That was a great blessing and we enjoy the new found freedom. God's timing is always the right timing:-)

Mary took the Sennemas to an orphanage called Faith, Hope and Love Infant Rescue. This place is run by Dorothy Pearce. They are in the moving stage and when Mary comes back from Canada at the end of October, she will be volunteering her services on a regular bases. The monies received from Hope Church will aid this orphange with nannies, a feeding table for the infants and more. Talks with Dorothy are underway.

At the staff retreat, Norm did an excellent job presenting the topic of creating/fostering discipleship. The staff thoroughly enjoyed his presentations and were engrossed in discussions during the break. The staffers and their spouses attended the meetings. There were approximately 50 present at each of the scheduled meetings and Norm did a most excellent job addressing the issue of how we nurture the next generation to fear the Lord.

Ruth Van Dam is explaining how the CRC is at work in Haiti by being a partner organization. The Van Dam's have been in Haiti for more than 15 years and are a great asset to other missionaries sent by our church to Haiti. Their gift of hospitality during our first year made our transition a possibility. They truly are God's messengers in Haiti.

A beautiful pool at the staff retreat. It was huge!

A dug out used by the locals,

The beach with beautiful sand and warm ocean water:-) The boat was from the US doing geological surveys of the Haitin shoreline. It was a land craft with a total of five Americans onboard, all from Maine. They were the crew and the surveyors:-)

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