Sunday, January 27, 2008

During her trips to the Ravine, Mary takes many pictures or has someone else taking the pictures. Kite flying is but a simple pleasure for this small boy. The kite is made from the things on hand - twigs and plastic. January is still the dry season, but the winds certainly make the days more enjoyable, for little children in their play and the big people in their daily work outside. The Lord certainly knows our needs. He supplies abundantly if we but have the eyes to see.

The girls lined up here are the students in the school run by Sheri Fausey. Most of the students in this school - up to grade five - come from the Ravine where Mary makes her weekly trips with the team. Sheri is in the process of building a new school with the property already purchased. It is the plan that these children wear a new school uniform next year - blue jeans, blue jean jumpers and skirts. This would be a cheaper way for the families for the school uniforms are too expensive for the families in the ravine.
The people pictured here are the Vriends from Abbotsford BC. Whenever there tis a work team working at the mission center, we always get together for one meal before they leave. And ofcourse we play 'Dutch Bingo.' Yes they knew Jake Vriend who is the administrator at the Christian school in Stouffeville when I left. And yes, they knew of John Vriend(Redeemer prof) who was a high school teacher when we were in St. Catharines. This team spent two weeks working at the center.

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