Sunday, January 04, 2009

During our first year at QCS, we planted three banana plants. Although it is the dry season, two of the plants do have the beginnings of fruit formation. It has taken a long time but with the lack of rains during this season, the fruit will most likely not grow. We will probably have to water them on a daily basis hoping that it will give us bananas that we can eat. We need to learn more about growing bananas.

We celebrated the holidays in Chatham, Ontario Canada with our married children, their spouses and our grandchildren. After opening their gifts the gift bags all ended up on their heads! We buy or make the gifts for the grandchildren and they get more excitement from the Christmas bags their gifts came in than the gifts:-) We still have a lot to learn about gift giving as well!

One game some of us are learning is the Settlers of Cantan. A neat game to play during the holidays and spend time with the family. Even the grand children like to play it.

Mary has been busy knitting both socks and mittens for the grandchildren. Here William is sporting one of his mittens received as one of his Christmas presents. The grandchildren received a pair of mittens and socks as well. Some of our children also requested the specialized items knit with love.

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