Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter morning at the 'Sonrise' service. Still a little misty down below but a great view on the mount with the lookout.

Here is pastor John McHoul of the church which meets in the school chapel on 'Sondays' giving the Easter message. Christ is risen indeed! Prayers were said for the city as the people faced the city, since we do serve the God of the city.

Our banana 'tree' just before our guard Pierre came and harvested the crop. He was truly thankful for the bunch which he could eat with his family or sell on the street. Bananas are very expensive and a speciality for the local people.

Last 'Sonday' there were the children from four orphanages who used the school grounds for fellowship, food and fun, which included an Easter egg hunt. They were sponsored by a group which paid for this event. The school grounds is a haven for many - students, sport events, individuals using the place to exercise, soccer clubs, and basketball teams for practice. We do have an impact upon the community.

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