Sunday, August 07, 2011

I'm back. The following are some random shots around the campus which is still in the state of preparation of receiving the 300 students a week from this coming Tuesday! WoW!

It's a jungle out there - just outside our front door. My banana trees are doing well.

The kitchen/school cafeteria is being renovated and so the ladies had to cook outside. Now I know how they cook their chicken - boil in water first and then fry them :-)

A beautiful display infront of the main office, in our cafeteria area, where the children/staff eat.

Along the pathway to the ES.

This is the prek and K playground infront of a staff's residence.

The soccer field has no grass, but see the rolls of carpet there? Used 'artificial turf' may become a reality. We will see.

Our textbook storage room and new school supplies which will become emptier when the staff come and take their student texts.

Our computer lab with numbered computers and chairs. All students will be assigned their personal pass to log on. Our IT guys are being kept busy.

As we stand on the threshold of the new school year, we stand in His presence and go forward in His power. He continues to supply all our needs. PTL!
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