Sunday, September 25, 2011

Picture taking day for some of the students by our staff member in charge of the year book. These photos will also update the students profile on the school grading program.

Ping pong in the chapel. A better picture next time. I took my camera from the office and the temperature change - well it isn't the greatest for the camera.

Side view of my Apple - the plastic bottom has expanded and is no longer snug as a bug to the computer bottom. This picture was taken to send to a computer friend in the US who will be coming to the school this semester to see if he can get the part to take along. At least the computer works. I better back it up on a regular basis!

Get caught reading - is a weekly caption in the school newsletter. Just reading in the class during silent reading time and enjoying the quiet time.

Our guest 'librarian' for the week - our Mr. Potts - who was librarian at the school for the school year 1980-1981. He contacted the school this past week while on a mission trip and asked if he could visit the school. While here, he asked if we could use his expertise. We agreed and he extended his visit. Mr. Potts just retired this past year. The kids just loved his story telling and sign language skills.
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