Sunday, October 23, 2011

Caught you reading! This is the grade 6 class with reading buddies from other students in the elementary classes. This happens each week - reading aloud to one another.

Sent to the principal's office to show off her Bible work. The student project was on a Bible character and they had to answer questions about a Bible character and write up a summary of their lives - an epitath - therfore the tomb stone :-) A proud student sharing.

The grade three class at times uses the netbooks. The ES does not have a computer lab but we do have a class set of netbooks which are internet accessible through the wireless. Composition may be either the pen and paper way or the challenge to do it on the computer - a grade three student.

Yes, the car did go a little rough. I did hear a thump, thump but I continued to drive slowly to the school. I don't think I damaged the rim. A flat tire the school office worker certainly did have.

Just clowning around. Oh sir, please take our picture and voila - here it is published. And yes, I do teach these students in my geometry class.

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