Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our bulletin boards in our school hallway in the elementary school. Displaying the children's work is important. This decor was also the student's input for the school bazaar.

Door decorations with a message. This door really stood out. In our giving during this season - where is God in our giving? What do I give Him? My life, my service, my all in all. He is King!

This is the International Chorus in Haiti - singing the Messiah for approximately 30 years. Some of the members are the original members. It was good. Who would have thought I would have to go to Haiti to hear a live performance?

This crowd of men are loading one roll of the artificial turf onto the truck. The rolls were donated to the school but were 20 years old! We are exploring options to have a dirtless soccer field :-) Now one sees a cloud of dust when the field is being used - no grass.

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