Sunday, March 04, 2012

This week we had a Korean team from LA present the gospel to the ES students in our weekly Thursday chapel. We have a Korean missionary who sends his daughter to school here and this was a team to help him for 10 days. They did an excellent presentation.

Yes, they do have larger equipment here in Haiti when you know the right people. The top soil is being removed from the soccer field in preparation of the artificial turf to be installed during the next few months.

Washrooms are being installed close to the HS building so that when the buildings are locked these will be available to those still on campus for sports.

Some of the top soil was added to our front garden. Looks a lot better and now we can plant more plants such as banana, bamboo along the wall and . . . I;ll have to give that some more thought. Cacti? I do not want the flowering plants to die during the dry season, nor do I want to water these plants during that time.

An air conditioned ride :-)
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