Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Sports Day this past Thursday afternoon where all the students had a chance to play soccer on the 'carpet.' These were our youngest players from Pre-K and K and grade 1 enjoying the chance to play.

An electrical problem - a power surge 'fried' the box which was replaced. Although the other apartments had no power, I did :-) The wiring is a maze here and I am amazed that it works, most of the time.

A parent has a construction company and when the road almost become impassable, he sends his equipment to fill the 'ravines' created by the rains with the truckloads of sand and rocks. Passage to the school is OK once again and not a challenge. This is at the back gates of the school where the parents drop off their kids. A good fix until . . . .

The dedication of the field by our Director during the games on Thursday. The yellow shirts were worn by the alumni who came to play.

Enjoying the game. I make a good spectator.

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