Sunday, November 12, 2006

This past week I rode on a tap-tap (Haitian taxi of sorts) to the location of Suzette's new home. Tap-taps are the main form of transportation here. You can also get on a larger truck or bus but the crowding is all the same. This tap-tap stopped at our corner to pick up passengers. He won't leave until it is full, and I mean full of passengers! Most of the time there are 12-14 people in the back and some in the front but in rush hour, they may have as many at 20 inside with four more hanging on the back!

Here is a picture of Suzette standing proudly in the doorway of her new home. There are three small bedrooms, a gallery or front room, where she is standing and two other rooms. A living room and a dining room most likely. Suzette told me she would be doing most of the cooking outside to avoid heating up the house. At the back of the house there is also a fairly large septic tank and under the gallery is a very large cistern that will store all the water that collects on the cement roof. She hopes to be in there by Christmas. Posted by Picasa

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