Monday, November 13, 2006

Here is an update on the banana tree beside our front door. It has had a bit of a setback from too much soapy bleach water being thrown in the garden. We have asked the cleaning ladies not to throw the water in that garden. I gave the tree some fertilizer and took off the dead banana leaves so hopefully it is not too late to save the bunch of bananas. A banana tree only gives a bunch of bananas once. After that, the tree is chopped down and new shoots that have developed at the root level are allowed to grow into a new tree.

Here you can see at the base, two new banana trees developing. On one you can see brown spots, leftover from the bleach water, but the new one on the left has no spots so we hope that the problem is fixed. Eventually after many banana plants have come from the same root it will be unable to grow any more shoots. Then you plant one of the new shoots in a different location to start the process all over again . Posted by Picasa

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