Monday, February 05, 2007

Thursday was the kick-off to our Read-a-thon with a character parade by the elementary students, while the Middle School and High Shool students watched. The children and teachers dressed as book characters marched around the soccer field twice. Pictures here is Mrs. de Blaeij, the Junior Kindergarten teacher, leading the parade. A great way to start the morning:-)

Pictured here are representatives from an organization called Fondasyon Limye Lavi, speaking to the students about literacy. There are many people in Haiti, both adults and children, who can not read. About 1/2 of the children go to school in Haiti, since many are not able to afford the $100 for tuition and books for the year. There are also 300,000 restaveks in Haiti, children sold to others for a better life, but in reality sold into slavery. The life of a restavek is menial chores, but rarely ever schooling. We are blessed. Check out the web site www//

This past Sunday, at the end of the service, the congregration experienced God at work among His people. We were witnesses to the baptism of 7 young people. What a blessing that these people were able to say before the people, I believe in Jesus Christ, my Saviour, my Lord and my King! The Lord continues to work in and through and among the peoples. Praise God.

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