Saturday, March 17, 2007

The students of the Middle School and the High School have chapel each Wednesday morning. Steve Galloway is in charge of the chapel each Wednesday and he recruits other teachers such as Rod Meadth from Australia to help lead the students to sing and praise and honour our Lord. I appreciate the talents of the various staff members to lead the students to praise and worship our Creator God each Wednesday, together in unison. God is good.

We are truly blessed. Our electricity is provided by EDH which may come on at any time of the day or night. Usually at night. Even Mary and I shout Hooray when the EDH - the local electricity comes on. These are the school's generators which make our lives much easier during school hours and for four hours on the weekends. The blue is the back up for the grey.
Although the picture is dark, it shows the alternative lighting I have in my classroom when the power goes out. No longer do I have to take the class outside for learning, but the two flourescent lights on the inverter make my life a lot easier during power outages. These lights provide enough light for the students to continue in their of the lesson planned, making the life of the teacher much easier :-)

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