Sunday, May 20, 2007

The beauty of Haiti is seen in this picture of the mountains taken from the patio of the de Gier's home. They invited several families of the church to come together and get acquainted with one another. This was a part of Port-au-Prince I had not seen before. We had a great time of fellowship and food of course. The children played in their swimming pool while the 'adults' talked and talked :-)

The school chapel is receiving renovations by the members of a pentecostal church since the facilities of the house they are meeting each Sonday is too small. They will start using the school facilities on June 10th. It is great that various organizations are willing to work together, both benefitting from one another in the building of His kingdom. pictured here are the members building a new sound room for the chapel.

This past Friday was a national holiday because it was flag day. It was also the day that Mary came home :-) Here the children from the elementary school are parading around the soccer field waving the Haitian flag while the national anthem was played in the background over the PA system. The MS/HS students cheered these patriotic students on as they travelled around the field three times. We all enjoy a celebration especially when it means time out of the clasroom :-)

This is a shot from the teachers' room in the administration building where the photo copier is located as well as three computers for the staff members use to do emails, print tests, stay in touch with home, etc. This is the first year that the teachers do their own copying. This service in past was always done by the office staff. Presently, we are still looking for teachers and office personnel for the new year. Mary will not be involved with the school in the new year, but free to serve and travel since we are expecting two more grand children in the near future:-)

The soccer field will be out of bounds for the rest of the school year since they 'laid sod' this past Friday and Saturday. A soccer field was being dismantled as so the top soil and the existing grass was dumped into dump trucks and dumped onto our soccer field. All we had to do was to find the grass in the top soil and level out the soil and plant the grass once again. Almost half of the field was covered with grass by the end of Saturday. Now is the time to do it because it is the rainy season - so the tuffs of grass may take root.

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