Sunday, May 27, 2007

Here the students and teacher have a good look at the Sun Oven. The grade 11 students had a demonstration from the representative of the Methodist church. Haiti is one of the best places to use solar cookers, with so much wood gone and charcoal so expensive. If the family attends cooking class to receive instructions on how to use the cooker, the family is able to purchase the cookers at a reduced price of about $50. In the USA, the very same ovens cost $259. The meal cooked was delicious.
The students in the grade seven class had a lot of science fun in participating in the egg drop contest. The object of the experiment is to have the raw egg whole at the end of the drop. Their various containers built at home from the materials found around the house were ingenious. Their containers ranged from plastic bottle, to chip containers. to socks and even their shorts. Needless to say, they were not all able to say It's alive, especially after the drop from the second storey of the elementary building. Next week, just straws and tape. Well see how creative they are:-)

Friday after school the elementary staff gathered at a staff member's home up the mountain to say farewell to Lonnie Murphy, who has been a staffer at the school many years and has spent almost 20 years in Haiti. She with her husband, Phil, have a home for Haitian children and now the House of Blessings will be operated by one of their first orphans. Once again, there was food at the fellowship and a lot of laughter, recalling to good times together. Mary and I were invited due to my involvement with the ES, which will increase in the new school year.

God's creation never stops blooming here in Haiti. The rains have started and the down pours are welcomed. We do not have to take the same care of the amount of water used since the cisterns are overflowing. We can see the grass growing, even on the 'sod' on the soccer field. The leaves on the tress are providing shade once again and the gorgeous blooms such as these daily drop to the ground. Now I know why they have the sweepers on the school compound. Each day anew, the ground is covered with leaves and blooms from the trees.

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