Sunday, October 21, 2007

Reading the New Testament at the flag pole was the main event during teen reading week for the grades 7 and 8. It took exactly three and one-half days to read the the New Testament. Then the students started to read the Psalms. They were excited to read and usually came on time for their turn. Parents, teachers and some of the classes came and listened to the readings.

Reading of course also occurs in the classroom. Here in the grade three classroom a girl is readying herself to report on a story she has read according to the outline that is on the clipboard.

The various members of Sous Espwa get together when ever there is a work group or a new volunteer in Haiti. This past Saturday night we were at the de Blaeij's home welcoming Leslie Millar to Haiti. She is volunteering her services for one year. She is from the Brampton, Ontario. Her major task will be doing audits for SE and for a number of our partners. She is also looking forward to getting involved with some youth/children's ministries. here the kids were playing with lego as the adults entertained themselves.

There were some creative moments up the mountain. A pumpkin was imported from the US and the children had fun cleaning out the pumpkin, separating the seeds from all that stringy mess and whatever else is on the inside. Carving the fave was a challenge but as you can see they did a fantastic job. With all the humidity in this land, this pumpkin will not last until thanksgiving day. But them we need to give thanks each and every day:-) Thanksliving!

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