Saturday, October 13, 2007

Remember the sodding of the soccer field last school year? It was rolled a few weeks ago by this pneumatic 'lawn' roller. Upon seeing the roller going down the street, a worker ran after it and asked him to roll the school 'lawn.' He came and after a few passes on the grass, the price was negotiated. It was a great improvement. The students look forward to playing soccer on the grass but with all the rains this past week, it will take sometime to dry:-(

The grade 6 class is working on the science unit entitled Forces and Machines. Here the grade two class was watching how the grade sixes made containers to prevent the egg from being damaged by the fall. The fall wasn't really bad, but the impact was. From the second storey of the Elementary building, there were only three survivors. It was a good thing that we had placed the egg inside a plastic bag before the fall.

Building community is an essential ingredient in the classroom. The class is a mini 'United Nations.' We expect each student to know and to be thankful for his/her own gifts, never considering himself/herself either higher or lower than he or she ought, and always to use those gifts in the service and enrichment of others. Here the girls are working in harmony, building each other up in community.

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