Saturday, October 06, 2007

We praise the Lord for the save arrival of Aidann Kathryn Dieleman this past week. Mary is in Chatham for the month to give a helping hand to both Susan and Kathy and to enjoy the grand children. God is good, God is great and I need to thank Him daily for all His blessings. Thanksgiving weekend reminds me that every day I need to live as a day of thanksliving. I need to become as a little child and list my blessings one by one. I thank Him for my daily bread, for life in Christ Jesus, for grand kids at home and at school, for my daily work, for safety in Haiti, for making a difference upon the children I teach, for my understanding wife, for the support of God's people in Port Perry and St. Thomas, for the internet so I can talk to my family back home and even see them, etc. Help me Lord to live the attitude of gratitude always so others can see You in me.

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