Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pastor S is in church development. He has started a rooftop church for people in a ravine in Petionville. Petionville is up the mountain in Port au Prince. Every Thursday at 4:30 he has an evangelical church service. He does this from the rooftop of one of the houses. The pastor had asked for a medical clinic to be done in the area of his church.

On January11, I assisted with a clinic in the ravine. Tickets to 30 people were handed out the day before by the pastor. On the day of the clinic many more showed up. At the end of the morning I had seen 40 patients with many symptoms. The most interesting symptom was "he eats his teeth at night". It took me a while to understand this problem but soon figured it out that the child grinds his teeth during sleep. Many anti-worm pills were handed out that day!

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