Sunday, January 20, 2008

This past week the MS/HS had chapel every morning listening to the speaker Mr. Galloway on the theme of Nurturing the Faith. As he stated: The beauty and truth and life that God offers you are ETERNAL! They never fade, they never grow old, and they never die. He keeps on giving and giving to us. But you must desire Him above all else. You must pursue Him and His will with all that you are and have. He is looking for those who will do the hard thing and not settle for less than He has planned.

This week is the ES Readathon once again. The Readathon started with a book character parade around the soccer field with the parents watching and then the students walked through the MS/HS chapel, entertaining the the students before they listened to Mr. Galloway. The students are finding sponsors for the reading, trying to break last year's money raised for the restaveks. If you would like to know more about these lost children of Haiti, go to U Tube and type in Restaveks in their search field.

This past Saturday, the QCS staff met for a barbecue at John McHoul's place, a member of the school board and a member of the Personnel Committee. This is the first time I saw his ministry called Heartline Ministries. John raises chickens for laying hens. Between the baby house and the toddler house, as well as feeding the women in their women's program they use about 240 eggs a week. Visit Heartline Ministries at

There were at least 50 people at the barbecue, including the work team that is at school making updates to the school apartments. The Bleshes in the upstairs apartment and we are enjoying their expertise as they are making improvements to our apartments.

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