Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kevin from Barb and Friends Mininstry in PA. led our chapel last week presenting the gospel in song, sign language, puppetry, story telling and the reading of His Word. Here Kevin is showing that the Word of the Lord is indestructable. He certainly captured the children's attention with his show and tell ministry. Kevin has presented this ministry more than 20 times in Haiti over the years, but this was the first time at QCS. We invited him for a return visit whenever he would be in Haiti.

This past week was Teacher Appreciationm Week and that was shown by the Administration with a breakfast on Monday morning, an Ice Cream Social served by the Board on Wednesday after school and a breakfast served by the Parent Action Committee on Friday morning. Madame Ruth Van Dam from the Parent Action Committee, seen here is leading the staff in a devotional during the breakfast. This is a most excellent way to start the day - being fed by God's Word and His daily food. It was a great week:-) Oh yes, we celebrated Valentines Day all day Thursday as you can see by the decor still left in the staff room.

Finally I have the team from Kentucky posted. They spent a week at school doing renovations in the apartment upstairs and in our apartment - especially the bathroom. It was great to see the experts at work, trying to install new items with the limited tools available. They were good at making the best using 'Haitian Tools.' Maybe we will see them for a return visit to complete the task started in the apartment upstairs.

Martial, who is the son of Suzette, the Haitian lady who cleans our apartment once a week. Guens came to talk about his schooling. He desires to be a doctor and will hopefully start university this Fall. Finances of course are a problem. Although we presently pay for his high school education, as well as for his sister and foster brother, university schooling is costly. Can we help him procure the funds for him? We will try to help him achieve his dreams to become a doctor to help the poor in Haiti, but we also need help in doing this. Next week he will give an estimate of what it will cost per semester in a good university here in Haiti. This is a six year journey. Please pray for funds for Guens. He prays daily thanking God for the opportunities he has had so far. Guens comes from a devout Christian family.
Picture here is Guens

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