Saturday, February 23, 2008

Seeing God at work in His creation is always a thing of beauty. Here we have two snapshots of the lunar eclipse from Haiti. God's beauty is all around us if we but have the eyes to see it. Help us to see You each and every day Lord!

Mary is giving this plant - a bugenvilia (sp?) - intravenous. The water from the pail is being 'dripped' to the plant via an IV tube. Since she has started this, the plant has beautiful flowers even during the dry season. This is a hardy plant and flowers throughout Haiti durinhg the dry season, but this one is special. The base of the plant is actually surrounded by concrete, so only a small amount of water can be given at a time.

The grade five class is busy making these small garden ready for planting. The small plots were bricked this past week and good soil was added. The class is composting and growing the plants from seeds. They are energetic on this project and we will hopefully see the school beautification program continuing via the different programs.

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