Sunday, May 04, 2008

This is our staff room where we meet for our staff devotions on Monday and Friday mornings. This past Friday we also met there for coffee and cinnamon buns. Then together we reviewed the Bible curriculum of all the grades, seeing the BIG picture and each one needs to refer to that picture as we teach. The question I asked myself was How often in my daily lessons do the students see me using God's Word as my guide?

Being a student for a day is great:-) Thursday was Agriculture and Labour Day so the Administration thought it would be a great idea to spend time on the curriculum. Pssst. I am part of the administration. We held our meeting in a highschool classroom because it has air conditioning. Pictured here is our Director and a few of the staff just before we started the day. Steve was reading from a staff handbook from 1980 and we were enjoying the laughs.

Lunch was provided for the day. Our cafeteria is outside. This past year the rains may have spoiled our lunch time only once. The rains come in the late afternoon or at night, which is a real blessing. Haitians do not like to get wet and since the city is built on the side of a mountain, the waters just come gushing down the roads and the sidewalks making travelling difficult, if not impossible for the pedestrians.

What are your dreams? Posted on the bulletin board in the hallway are the dreams the grade eight students have for Haiti. Keep Haiti in your daily prayers as the new prime minister is selected. There is an unsettled peace in the land. Pray that the leaders do what is right and good and true, exercising mercy and justice in the land as God would have them do.

We thank the Lord for the rains. The grass is green on the soccer field. The water cisterns are being filled. We are thankful. The dust in the air is also minimized by the rains. God is good. God is great. And we thank Him daily for all His gifts to us each day. Help each of us Lord on our Way.

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