Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This the second day we have no school due to the tropical storm Gustav. The rains have come steadily throughout yesterday and today saturating the earth. The water has no place to go but run off, causing the problems of erosion, mud slides, homes sliding into the swollen rivers, making bridges impassible. With the dampness, it is no wonder that the Haitian dislikes getting wet because where will they get dry clothes? I am truly blessed with my living accommodations.
The darker pictures were taken at about 8 AM yesterday without a flash, giving an idea about the darkness in the morning due to the storm.

This picture is taken toward the mountain, but the mountain is nowhere to be seen since it is totally in the clouds. PAP is surrounded by mountains. This is a real blessing since those mountains take the edge off the storm winds. They protect PAP by provider a buffer against the winds. Yesterday there were some gusts, but nothing note worthy. Today the sky is lighter than yesterday.
Yes the landscape here too is being saturated. Since the grass has been planted, there is no run off as in years past but the land soaks up most of the waters. The waters also fill the school cisterns. In all of my activities today, where did I see God, His power and majesty, His answer to prayers? In the rains He is there. In the winds He is there. Lord, give me eyes that see You always and ears to hear You speaking.

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