Sunday, August 31, 2008

Here the grade eight boys are playing four square - at least a format of it. They try to get a person in the square out by hitting the ball so that he is unable to return it. both the hands and the feet are used to move the ball around. The guys dominate the square before and after school and during their breaks.

A snapshot through the monkey bars seeing the guys playing four square after school In the distance, other children are playing soccer on the gravel since the field is too wet after the rains. At least twice a week, activities for student games are planned by the student council such as soccer, volleyball, hip hop, soccer baseball. They look forward to these 'games'.

The rains have ended. The flowers here received a good soaking. All the waters from the mountains need to go somewhere. The coastline and the lowlands were hit hard with flooding. The staff retreat is to be at the end of September, but presently, you can't get there from here.
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