Sunday, September 21, 2008

This past Friday there was no school for the students. We had parent teacher conferences from 7 A.M. - 1 P.M. This way the parents could come to the conferences on their way to work rather than taking time off from work. The staff had the opportunity to share the progress reports with the parents. This gave indication of the child's progress at this time early in the school year. Coffee was available as were these appetizers. They were ummmm good.

The middle and high school staff met the parents in the chapel on a first come first served basis while the elementary teachers met the parents in their classroom at scheduled times. It was a great time of exchanging obeservations and getting to know one another - developing community. Pictured here is the inside of the chapel. There were benches in the middle of the room so parents could sit and wait until their child's teacher was available.

Some of the senior students are sorting the clothes donated by the school community for distribution to those who were affected greatly by the hurricanes. This past Saturday, some staff members, board members and students went to a pastor's compound - a member of the school - to help clean the mud from the buildings that survived the flood waters. Wheel barrows of mud were shoveled out and the work just continues.

Oh for the comforts of home. Once again our propane ran out and of course it happened again on a Friday evening. No workers are on the school grounds to install a new propane cylinder. So I went to the science room and picked up a small hot plate and when we had city power or the generator, we had warm food. So our warm meals for the whole weekend were soup and chili. Our inconviences are nothing compared to what the victims of the hurricane are still experiencing - lack of water, clothes and food.

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