Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is my geometry class of 30 students and I am trying out my new camera which Janis brought from Florida. I left my other camera in our car in Detroit. Once again, it is a Canon since the previous ones have been very reliable. The CCD sensor card malfunctioned in our camera which was more than four years old and Canon repaired it free without any questions asked. Now I have a camera in Michigan, in Haiti and in Ontario :-)

Janis and her friend Glenda from California visited us this a few weeks ago. Here Jan is doing her morning routine and shooting a few baskets on the court at school. She also had a game with Adelson, a student in my geometry class, and she beat him to his great surprise.

It is still the dry season here and the grass field is suffering. The school does have a well and at times the water from the well is used to water the field. Due to the lack of pressure, the system operates less than an hour at a time. When the rains do come, the grass will spring back to life.

The field at night - Thursday nights to be exact. That is the night when the soccer dads come out to play with their friends. They start at approximately 5:30 and play for about two hours. The lights are a great addition and were appreciated during the Christmas bazaar clean up because they illuminated the field.
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