Sunday, May 17, 2009

The team - the champions. A moment to remember. But then we all need to be God's Champions each and every day. The team displayed their Christ likeness by the way they played the game.
This gives an idea of the number of people present for the event - - - and the happiness after the game. There was most certainly hopping and jumping and skipping in joy before the face of the Lord. I still some some national workers jumping for joy as they came to work on Saturday morning.
This past Thursday, for grade 8 and Friday, for the grade 11's were orientation days - as to the high school program and expectations, course selections, GPA and more. The 11's were informed about their choices of schools after grade 12 and what needs to be done in the meantime. The pizza lunch was certainly a great treat.
If you look very close at this truck tire you can see the plastic bag used to make a seal between the rubber tire and the steel rim. This was the truck we were following in delivering the grain a few weeks back
The best game ever - keeping kids of all aging busy from the time they come to school - some at 6 AM until they leave - some at 6 PM - tether ball. They seam is letting go. The rope has broken many a time, but the ball has never been 'lost.'
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