Sunday, November 19, 2006

Once upon a time I 'needed' all these ties:-) The tie makes the man. Each day I would have the arduous task selectibg the tie for the day. I was known for my ties at Scugog Christian School and parents and/or the students would give ties for my birthday or Christmas. So, before I went to Haiti, I had enough time to 'air' my ties. I left most of them behind, taking only a few select ties with me. To my amazement, the 'blancs' also wear colourful ties to church. Once again I am wearing ties to church, such as Tigger and Pooh, Noah's Ark, etc

This morning I received a most encouraging newsletter. Linda Wielinga used 39 of the ties and created this quilt. The parents at the Scugog Christian School annual auction first did a bid to determine the price individuals would pay for each tie represented in the quilt. "The bid rose to $105 per tie. Then we said we needed 39 people to pay $105 each to acquire the final cost of the quilt - you never saw 39 auction cards go up so fast! It was incredible!" Again, I just praise God for the way He showed Himself through this community. We serve an awesome God! Half of the proceeds were for our ministry :-)

This past Friday, the students were dismissed at 12 noon so that the generator could be serviced. This past week it kept cutting out, creating havoc with my classroom computer and the lights in the classroom. I need them to teach ;-) They also changed the chatado - the water reservoir on top of our apartment building. The local maintenance Haitians did the change over. I won't describe the contents that were inside the tank:-)

This is one of the local maintenance workers who helps me out when I need light bulbs for my classroom, or a piece of wood cut for the cupboard in my classroom. I did not take any tools along to Haiti, which was not a good idea:-( He is a great handiman and always cheerful. The new reservoir is about twice the size of the old one and maybe, since it is black, the water will be a little warmer ;-)

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