Saturday, March 31, 2007

This past week we have enjoyed the rains. Here you can see the waterlogged soccer field. The drain was plugged with the leaves from the trees and the field flooded. It rarely rains during the day, which we greatly enjoy. It ususally rains during the evening and night. :-) The rains were welcomed since these rains also supply the school with the much needed water. We have been rationing our water by having short showers, catching the water from the showers in a tub and using this to flush the toilet. Even the dish water and rinse water was saved and poured in a pail to flush the toilet!! The school purchases their drinking water for the students. Mary and I also buy our drinking water from Culligan.
This past Sunday, we had our first staff/board fellowship Sunday afternoon - a time for praise and prayer, food and fellowship. The Personnel Committee will be hosting this on the last Sunday of each month. It is good that God's people come together to praise Him, but as part of His people, we also need to encourage one another in our service to our Master. The families here have one another to help them on their way, but the singles also need to have that lifting hand in their times of joy or sorrow and when they are lonely. We need to be there for one another.

Here I am seated with my laptop, displaying the songs on the screen via the projector. We sang together on our fellowship Sunday. The Galloways - dad on the guitar and mom on the drums aided our songs of praise. Approximately 50 people were present for this time of fellowship. Since we need each other in our ministry, we will continue this monthly event. would you believe, the wife of the chair of the Personnel Committee volunteered to bring all the food, which was delicious. Visit his ministry at

This is the bulletin board in the Middle School hallway. It was part of the grade 8 class assignment - 'I have a dream' - for Haiti. It is always interesting to get into the minds of children and see what they think about the present situation here and how they would like things to be. Reading their comments, the future of Haiti, is an encouragement. Mary and I are glad that we are part of this Christian enterprise - putting God in their lives so that He will direct their paths, their journey of learning in His 'Sonshine'.

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