Friday, April 06, 2007

This is the bulletin board in my science room. I had all the students make an Easter 'bulletin' cover for me to help decorate the room. This way I could also see and discuss what these special days mean to them. They enjoyed the activity during science. I have become Americanized - in my spelling :-)

The grade eighters pictured here are busy answering the questions on a chapter test. It was a brief matching test so that we could finish watching the Easter video of Story Keepers. All my classes enjoyed it. It is a great way that I also can share the reason of the season to all the students.

This past week the parents and teachers had some difficulty entering the school property via the gate. The school is on the left side of this picture. The vehicles were able to squeeze under the wires that lay across the road. Yesterday the pole was uprighted once again. There was no disruption in our services at school since those wires service the houses behind the school.

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