Sunday, October 19, 2008

This past week we had the pleasure of professor John Van Dyke address the staff on Christian education. John was here in Haiti to speak to the CRECH organization which writes curriculum for Haitian schools. Through an interpreter he addressed the Haitian teachers. It was a treat to have him address the staff at QCS. Although I never did have him as a professor at Dordt College, he did recognize me among the staff and called me by name. I wonder if if that was good or bad.
Soccer is in - if you need to have people come to school have a soccer game. People in Haiti will drop everything just to participate in a game. Each Thursday, after school we have a seniors group using the field just for the privilege to play soccer. QCS played against Union School and lost a nail biting game 2 to 1. It is neat to see the encouragement of the support staff - teens, parents and staff.
Preparations are underway with our new basketball court. Wow! There is a league here in Haiti and their court was partially destroyed with the hurricanes. Rather than cancelling the league for this year, arrangements have been made with the school to use our facilities on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. Their equipment have been installed on our playing field. New hoops and the cement court was overlayed with plastic tiles. Bleachers are also being added. An impressive scene and a benefit to all. The league starts at the end of this month and our school is also part of this league.
A random shot. On the return from our Thanksgiving celebrations last weekend, this just showed the power of the water and erosion along side of the roadway. Not only did a part of the road disappear, but also the wall of the compound. People will be rebuilding for years. Resources are needed, especially finances to rebuild the churches, schools, homes, schools, businesses, etc.
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