Wednesday, February 18, 2009

 Last night this little baby died during the night.  She had been one of the regular children we saw on our ravine clinic every week. We heard this morning before we went on out clinic that she had died. For the last 8 weeks, her mother brought this baby out to us and wanted us to treat her. Her lungs were very poor, full of unwell sounds each time. We encouraged the mom to take this child to the free hospital that was just a few blocks down the street. Each week we had the same response, no visit to the hospital. The mom did not feel that the child was in any danger. Now the little baby had died. She has three other children in the same house. Maybe now she will get a wake up call to listen to us and take the children to the hospital to get tested for TB. We do not know and will never know what the child had died from. Many children die every day here in Haiti.  For some it is inevitable, they have full blown aids. For others, maybe like this child, it could have been TB and could have been treated. We will never know. Please pray for the children of Haiti and their parents that they may know what to do for their children, especially when the treatment is free.
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