Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week end activity includes playing Mexican Train Dominoes together. Mary ordered the game Settlers of Catan on the Internet, because we meet monthly with some friends and play that game together. They are ruthless and I need to learn the game better with practice. Unfortunately, it is not a game to play with only two players, so we need to selfishly practice our hospitality more and . . .

Mary continues to make her weekly rounds to the Ravine seeing the sick children. This past week it took a lot longer because there were many new admissions which had to be entered into the log book keeping records of the children. One mother was told repeatedly to take her child to the doctor because they could not treat her illness and feared it may be TB. They saw her regress each week and this past week she had died. The local furniture maker made this casket for the baby.

This past week was staff appreciation week. One of the activities of the week was an ice cream social for the staff, which the board put on after their meeting - which are held during the day. At this meeting they also had a linkage meeting with a representation of the highschool students to see how they liked school and how the programs were going. A great way for grass roots involvement.

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