Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fellowship Church which worships on the school campus on Sondays, had a corn toss tournament for their 8 -12 year olds this past Saturday. I had never heard of this game before but looking on the Internet, there are offical rules for this game. It is a game just like horse shoes. The kids enjoyed themselves on the school campus Saturday morning.

Although the rains have started somewhat, it is amazing how God provides the colourful plants during the dry season. This plant is growing just beside the area where we park our car and it just continues to grow and blossom giving beauty to His world. Each morning I am amazed at His wonderful creation as I walk to my office. It is actually embedded in cement with no dirt around it!

Doing some electrical repairs across the road from our main gate this past Saturday. It is also the time that the reception to our TV stopped. We do have cable TV and can get ABC but no Canadian stations that are in English, only one French one:-( When watching a movie one wonders if the blue screen will come on and stay on - an indication that the reception has been lost - for 2 minutes or two days or more.

Ice blocks are being delivered to the street vendors who shave the ice blocks and make snow cones. I haven't tried one and I do not think I will. Who knows the quality of the ice or the quality of different syrups that are put on for the flavours.
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