Sunday, April 05, 2009

One of our staff members is into growing plants. She is leaving this year and selling her favourites. This is an example of her green thumb. Another staffer bought these plants for his house. They are a type of orchid. The price of the plant was determined by the number of blooms. The plant made it to safety just before the afternoon soccer game started.

This is a view of Port-au-Prince taken from the Montana Hotel. This is part way up the mountain. One sees how green the city really is and at the same time, see the smog hanging over the city. It is a beautiful site from the hotel. We had lunch there this week.

This past week was Read-a-thon Week at the Elementary School. The students did their best to find sponsors for their time spent reading. There was a special activity for the ES on the basketball court one class at a time focussed on the theme -Run the Race. Pictured here are the kindergarden kids doing musical chairs.

The multi purpose wheel barrow - comes in various conditions carrying the wares of the vendors. A scene like this would be found in the Ravine as well as the main streets of the city. Many men with wheelbarrow are positioned outside of grocery stores in hope that people will hire them to wheel their purchases home for a nominal fee.
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